Terms and Conditions

1. Dads will agree to attend the meetings bi-weekly. On the day when their attendance is not required, they will make sure to escort their children to the designated place and make sure they are with an adult you trust.

2. Each dad will participate at least once each session in planning one of the club's activities.

3. You will be punctual in dropping off and picking up time.

4. Our session is 8 weeks long and the payment is $100 per session. Club fees should be submitted in the beggining of each session. 

5. You are responsible for the whole payment even if your child decided not to attend the rest of the session. If you need another payment arrangement, please communicate that to the club, we will be more than happy to help you. 

6. All particapants will adhere to the Islamic dress code when attending the club meetings and activities.

7. All particapants will adhere to the Islamic manners and behaviour. Also to use appropriate language while attending the club meetings and activites. 

8. All participants agree not to harm anyone physically or verbally during the club meetings.

9. All participants agree not to cause any damage to the ICGC property and to be responsible for cleaning up after their snacks and activities.

10. All participants agree to finish any assignment that is given to them by the club instructor.

11. A failure to follow any of the club rules gives the club's coordinator the right to dismiss the participant with no refunds.