In the summer of 2016, a group of friends gathered to play the beloved table game of the Dominican Republic – Dominoes. They rotated between each other’s homes, enjoying the company, laughter, and the game.

As time went on, the group’s bond grew stronger. What started as a simple night of Dominoes soon became something more significant. The casual gatherings were now filled with aspirations, dreams, and a desire to make a positive impact on the community. They began discussing what they could do as a group to give back and make a difference.

The idea of creating a Dominoes Club emerged, but it was not just about playing the game. They wanted to merge their love for Dominoes with their passion for social causes. In June 2016, the Bergenfield Dominoes Club was born. It was registered as a non-profit organization in December 2019, with the primary goal of using the game to unite and contribute to various social causes.

The club’s foundation was built upon four pillars: God First, Family, Brotherhood, and Community. These values remain at the heart of everything the club does. The Bergenfield Dominoes Club is not just about playing a game – it’s about coming together to make a difference and creating a better community for everyone.

Our Vision

To become pillars of our community through our charities and activities while creating an environment of goodwill among its members.

Our Mission

To be a force in our community in creating social change, community partnership while developing our strong family values.

Our Values

  • God First as the BEDROCK of all our core values.
  • Community work as the RECIPIENT of our efforts to have a better town.
  • Family as the CENTERPIECE of our work.
  • Brotherhood as the BLOODLINE of our identity.

Bergenfield Dominoes Club






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