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APA, LLC - oficial sponsor of the BDC 5K-2 fight against cancer

for the last 2 years, Abandoned Property Advisors, LLC has been the official sponsor of our BDC  5K-2-Fight Cancer. We are honored that they have joined us to create awareness about cancer.  All proceeds are donated to institutions dedicated to fighting the disease.  This year we donated to the Tomorrows Children’s Fund. 


BDC 5K -2 fight cancer

Every year, BDC and its members, along with their family and friends, come together to walk, raising awareness about this terrible disease that has claimed millions of lives worldwide. This initiative has become profoundly significant for the club, and we eagerly anticipate our annual gathering for this cause.

Each year, the BDC community unites for our impactful 5K Walk Against Cancer, a collective effort to raise awareness and funds to combat this devastating disease. Cancer, with its far-reaching impact, has claimed millions of lives worldwide, and its effects are felt deeply in communities everywhere. In the United States alone, cancer remains a leading cause of mortality, underscoring the urgency of our mission. Together, through our walk, we strive not only to honor those who have battled cancer but also to shed light on the importance of early detection, support for survivors, and ongoing research initiatives.

Join us in our commitment to making strides against cancer, fostering hope, and driving positive change in the face of this formidable adversary.

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