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BDC - Person Of The Year

Every Year BDC will honor greatness. This award is given to those individuals that have gone above and beyond their duties to be impactful and difference makers in our community. These individuals have understood the value of voluntarism and community work and have devoted themselves to help in their field.  This is a recognition of greatness in service. 



Juan Young - Person of the Year

Juan young

Juan is not just a leader; he’s the force behind the FDAYoung Foundation, a platform for positive change in his homeland, the Dominican Republic. Native from the city of  La Romana in DR, His passion for helping those less fortunate has touched the lives of thousands across all age groups, proving that one person’s dedication can create a ripple effect of kindness and progress.

His collaboration with the Bergenfield Dominoes Club, particularly in the Play-It-Forward program, speaks volumes about his character. Juan’s natural ability to lead and inspire others is nothing short of impressive. The success of Play-It-Forward is, in part, a testament to Juan’s exceptional leadership skills, a sentiment echoed by Juan Polanco, one of the leaders, along with Jose Duran: “Your natural ability to lead and inspire others is truly impressive.  I’m grateful to have you be part of our Play-It-Forward Program.”

Jose Duran, reflecting on their collaboration, shares, “I feel honored and I’m glad to have met and have been given the opportunity to work with this human being. His willingness to help those indeed are close to, if not unmatched. And I believe that the passion behind his work can inspire anyone who has witnessed it, to want to help in some way shape or form.”

Juan Young’s story is not just about leadership; it’s about a genuine desire to create a positive impact. His journey with the FDAYoung Foundation reflects a commitment to service that goes beyond words, inspiring everyone around him to join in making a difference. Juan Young, a true catalyst for change, embodies the spirit of community and collaboration that defines the BDC.



Cesar and Susy De La Rosa

Cesar and Susy have been Bergenfield residents for the last 15 years, they have 2 children who grew up here and attended Bergenfield Schools. Their oldest son, Cesar graduated from Bergenfield High School and their youngest daughter, Celine, is in her Junior year at BHS. They have always been involved in the community, first being Coaches in PAL basketball, soccer and Bergenfield little league and now currently involved the Bergenfield Men and Bergenfield Co-Ed Kickball League and helping out the CommUnity as much as possible. They both work in the financial services for the last 20 years

In their free time, Cesar and Susy enjoys the beach, traveling, playing or watching their daughter play basketball, softball, volleyball, kickball and trying new foods.




Edward Volmer

Edward Volmer, born and raised in Bergenfield, has been an integral part of the community in all aspects of its history and its development. Known for his calm manner, relentless work ethic, and indisputable leadership, Mr. Volmer has worked for the Bergenfield department of public works for the last 37 years. He has participated and supported the Bergenfield Little League as part of its administration and has been a cog in the development of the wrestling and baseball teams at every level in town. He has been a key component in the creation of recreational programs for basketball, baseball, soccer, and softball in town.

“A class act and selfless to a fault” Victor Matos, BDC Director of Communications, expressed this  about Mr. Volmer. “He has done so much for our community and naming him the 2021 BDC Person Of The Year could not have been more deserving”. Mr. Volmer has demonstrated a selfless and dedicated service to the community and had fought vigorously in developing sports programs for our youth. Mr. Volmer is currently the Recreation Director for the city of Bergenfield.



John Smith

John Smith was born and raised in Bergenfield. He is a war veteran and the undisputable leader of the VFW Post 6467 in Bergenfield. John is such a vital part of the fabric of our town. He is direct, knowledgeable, and educated in all aspects of the Bergenfield community. A former baseball player he has served as a baseball coach in Bergenfield Little League and has been involved in several town committees including the zoning board. John played an incalculable role in the distribution of goods at the genesis of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. He was crucial in the development of The Bergenfield food pantry that has been essential in the distribution of food for those affected by the pandemic.

“We are grateful for John’s contribution and leadership during the COVID-19 crisis. “I don’t think people understand the magnitude of his support and guidance in creating a system for distributing food to those affected by the pandemic. He was in the trenches along with his wife providing goods and organizing the donating parties that came to his support”. Said Bochy Lora, BDC Community outreach Leader. “John has been an incredible resource of knowledge not only for me but our club is in his debt for how much he aligns with our vision of impacting and being of service to our community”. John is currently the Director of the VFW Post 6467 in Bergenfield.

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